Jaguar XJR575 Gets Sideways [Video]

Can you drift the ultimate luxury Jaguar? We answer this question as #CarsAwards judge Ernest Page (who's also our resident stunt driver) gets to grips with the new Jaguar XJR575.

The Jaguar XJ is a car that's been around for nearly a decade now, and while the British Prime Minister still loves hers, the world has definitely moved on.

But kudos to Jaguar for producing one last hurrah for the current generation in the form of the completely bonkers XJR575. With nearly 600hp and rear wheel drive, supplied by a supercharged V8, this car is decidedly old-school in terms of luxury and the driving experience it offers.

As Ernest Page found out, there are definitely two sides to this car. Watch as he treats the tyres like disposable razors and gets familiar with the back seat comfort of this luxury British limo.

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