Infiniti's tougher QX80 luxury SUV

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Is this the ultimate Nissan Patrol?

Infiniti’s QX80 is a massive luxury SUV. And when we say massive, we mean 5.29m in length and wide enough to trigger anxiety in even the most confident underground parking garage drivers.

True off-road enthusiasts know that beneath the QX80’s bold styling and luxury cabin, there is a very robust ladder-frame platform, with a lineage to the legendary Nissan Patrol. The QX80 has always been a luxury SUV that could truly navigate as far into the wilderness as your imagination – and its fuel range – would allow.

Infiniti has now teased what is truly possible with the QX80 in terms of a true high-speed off-road touring vehicle. To illustrate the true potential of its QX80 platform, some budget was poured into a project vehicle with stunning results.

The overlanding Infiniti QX80 has terrific presence, thanks to a lift kit and steel bumpers at both ends. Infiniti replaced the factory plastic bumpers with more robust and impact resistant steel components, increasing both approach and departure angles too.

Vulnerable underbody areas were reinforced with skid plates and the suspension adapted with high volume shocks, forged control arms and 76 mm lift kit, which is primarily responsible for this modified QX80’s imposing stance.

Beyond the improved wheel articulation in technical off-road conditions, this QX80 also rolls Nitto Terra Grappler tyres. Realising that the most adventurous Infinity QX80 owners might risk more than one puncture on a particularly testing route, there are two full-size spare wheels in the rear cargo area, between the folded-up third-row seating.

Keeping these huge spare wheels, from bouncing around off-road, they are housed in a custom-built cargo cage.

No changes have been made to the QX80’s power- or drivetrain. That means an enormous 5.6-litre naturally-aspirated V8, which continues to convert huge amounts of unleaded petrol to 298 kW and 560 Nm. Range might be limited but the new suspension bits, high-clearance bumpers and larger tyres make this Infiniti an unrivalled luxury dune driving vehicle.

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