ID.6 is VW's largest EV yet

2022 VW ID 6 5

ID.6 shows VW's battery cars can go big.

Brochure images of VW's new large battery-powered crossover have leaked.

An addition to the VW ID family of electric vehicles, the ID.6 is a notably longer version of the ID.4, showing the adaptability of VW’s MEB platform.

The ID.6 will be primarily targeted at Chinese customers and the source of these leaked images are from a homologation application by VW, in China.

Although the styling details are broadly similar to ID.4, the additional sheet metal is noticeable, especially towards the rear of the vehicle.

The core dimensions illustrate how much longer it is. VW’s ID.6 measures 4 876 mm bumper-to-bumper, which is 92 mm longer than an ID.4. Perhaps the most beneficial change, for passenger comfort, has been the stretched wheelbase, which increases by a significant 198 mm from ID.4 to ID.6.

Although VW has not confirmed the exact cabin architecture of ID.6, its extra length and generous wheelbase would indicate that this is destined to be marketed as a seven-seater vehicle, with third-row seating.

VW has chosen its large-capacity 82 kWh lithium-ion battery pack to power the ID.6’s 150 kW electric motor. The range is claimed to be an entirely adequate 450 km.

Some of the other specification details that are translatable from the leaked documents details a very interesting tyre choice, by VW’s product planners. The ID.6 rolls 20-inch alloy wheels, shod with a variety of tyre sizes, including a 235/55, which should give it very decent ride quality for a vehicle with such huge wheels.

It would also appear that ID.6 is not a light vehicle, as one would expect from any battery-powered crossover of its size. The kerb weight rating is 2 280 kg, which makes it heavier than any current production Touareg.

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