Hummer Revived as a 745 kW Electric Bakkie


GMC Hummer could be the ultimate double-cab bakkie...

*Update: GMC has confirmed that the new Hummer will be an all-electric super truck that will be revealed later this year and go into production in 2021. The newcomer will feature the magical 1000hp power figure and 0-100 kph is claimed to be completed in 3 seconds.*

In an unlikely execution of the electric vehicle strategy, GM has revealed a teaser of its new Hummer. Of all the associated vehicle brands which could transition to a battery-powered future, Hummer is the least likely.

Recognising that its Hummer brand could not be revived as an internal-combustion powered vehicle range, GM’s technical tactic is to electrify.  Although comprehensive technical details of the new GMC Hummer have not been confirmed, the power output numbers are deeply impressive.

GM is claiming that its new electric Hummer will be powered by a 745 kW electric motor, which places it way beyond anything on offer from the world’s leading battery-vehicle brand: Tesla. Quite where GM is going to source battery packs with the required energy density to produce 745 kW and acceptable range, remains a mystery.

The power GM is claiming, with viable range, would appear to be well beyond the capability of all rival battery pack and electric motor systems. There is no doubt that the GMC Hummer will be a larger vehicle and despite this, there is a 0-100 kph sprint time of a shade over 3 seconds, being tabled.

In terms of configuration, there have been rumours that it could be a double-cab bakkie instead of a more conventional SUV wagon, but with only a front-on teaser image, those details will only be confirmed later. One clue supporting the notion that this new Hummer could be a bakkie is its GMC brand prefix, which is GM’s bakkie division. With Ford having confirmed that its Lincoln brand is working on an all-electric luxury SUV, it is no surprise that GM is also posturing towards a battery-powered product.

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