H&R lowering kit for i30 N

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Making a good hot hatch - even better. 

If you own a Hyundai i30 N and find yourself desiring even better cornering poise, some clever German engineers have a solution.

H&R is an engineering specialist based in Lennestadt, and their product development resources apply to coilover upgrade kits for performance vehicles. In short: better springs to prevent body roll.

With Hyundai finally having entered the performance motoring realm, with its i30 N, H&R technical staff analysed where the impressive Korean hot hatch could possibly gain some additional dynamic driving polish.

The result is a coilover and stabilizer kit, specifically engineered for Hyundai’s potent i30 N. Best of all, these mechanical suspension upgrades don’t interfere with the i30 N’s stability electronics, preventing an annoying slew of error messages once installed.

H&R’s two-way adjustable stabilizers are supported by more compression resistant springs and lower the i30 by between 20-40 mm, depending on owner preference. Reducing the i30 N’s ride height should ensure even better agility and high-speed tracking stability.

Aside from the stability benefits of this H&R lowering kit, the company is also offering its own wheel spacers, machined from high tensile aluminium, to prevent corrosion.

The H&R i30 N wheel spacers add 30 mm of track width to each axle, which should further sharpen cornering turn-in behaviour for the Korean hot hatch.

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