Honda launches 2011 model of the PCX Scooter.

Honda Pcx Scooter

With the PCX, Honda have made a scooter with many advancements and luxuries not always found on run of the mill models. The PCX is a 125cc but comes with many features to entice any hardened scooter fan.

The PCX is designed for running errands, short commutes and even quick getaways. The emphasis is definitely on fun and a stylish feel while still providing some luxuries like an automatic transmission. The PCX also has an electric starter and a fuel-injected 4-stroke engine.

Another feature that Honda are punting on the PCX is the amount of carry space under the seat, they mention that it can fit a full-face helmet in. Added to this is a separate glove compartment for additional storage. Also noted is the anti-theft ignition cover and locking steering.

All in all quite a well rounded scooter.