Honda SUV Gets Type-R Power


Think of it as a Type-R SUV that's bigger than a Fortuner.

Honda has revealed an updated version of its Avancier large luxury SUV.

Built on a more robust version of the company’s Accord platform, Avancier challenges perceptions of Honda as a conservative brand.

The Avancier now boasts a new radiator grille design, reshaped bumpers and improved LED lights. Around the rear, there are dual exhaust ends.

If you thought that Honda could not trade in the market for larger SUVs, well, think again. The Avancier is 4.85 m bumper-to-bumper, which makes it longer than something like BMW’s X3 or Toyota’s Fortuner.

Honda’s generously equipped the Avancier inside, with plush leather seats and a huge touchscreen infotainment system. Inductive device charging is also present and there is no traditional shift selector. Honda’s Avancier is gear-selected using buttons, instead of a conventional shifter, to free up stowage space between the front seats.

Mechanically, the Avancier features two petrol engine options. Prospective owners have the option of a 1.5-litre turbo, good for 142 kW and 240 Nm. The 1.5-litre engine drives Avancier’s front wheels via a CVT transmission.

The most interesting engine is a slightly detuned version of the Civic Type-R 2-litre, producing 200 kW and 370 Nm. All-wheel drive is optional on the 2-litre Avancier models, which all drive through a ZF nine-speed automatic transmission.

Honda limits the distribution of the Avancier to China, which is a shame. There is much to like about this large SUV. It has a potent 2-litre turbocharged engine, very comfortably appointed cabin and Honda design logic.

The Avancier could enliven Honda’s reputation in countries where it hasn’t captured any large SUV market presence. If the Japanese company does decide to perhaps market this upgrade of the second-generation Avancier, a bit wider than China, it could be quite successful. 

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