Honda shows new HR-V

The crossover moves upmarket.

Honda has revealed its third-generation HR-V and it looks like a stunner.

The Japanese brand will be keen to defend its position in the compact crossover market and this redesigned HR-V should give a good account of itself, in that role.

A colour-coded grille, which appears integrated as part of the bumper moulding, and slim headlamps, give the HR-V a very futuristic appearance. Hidden rear door handles, intricate pattern LED and a light strip connecting the taillamps, are all design details meant to give the HR-V a more upmarket look.

The HR-V silhouette also features a very distinct taper beyond the C-pillar, with a nearly flat aft window giving it the requisite Sportback profile. Customers have a choice of wheel sizes ranging from 16- to 18-inches in diameter.

Honda’s designers have not been as radical with their cabin architecture, but the new HR-V does have a 9-inch touchscreen infotainment system, with a conventional audio volume dial. Those quite brilliant magic seats, one of Honda’s best ergonomic comfort and convenience components, are also fixed to the HR-V’s cabin.

Powering this new Honda crossover will be a choice of two engine configurations, both using Honda's 1.5-litre petrol as their base, and broadly similar in specification to the Jazz.

A hybridized HR-V is expected to deliver 81 kW and 253 Nm, with the non-hybridized engine should be a bit more powerful, at 90 kW, but significantly weaker on torque, at only 145 Nm. Final engine outputs have not been officially confirmed by Honda. 

The new HR-V will only be available in all-wheel drive for hybrid powertrain customers, whilst those who opt for the conventional non-hybrid engine will have use of a CVT transmission driving the front wheels.

We have contacted Honda SA for comment on the HR-V's local introduction possibility. We will update this story when we hear back.

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