Honda S2000 to get new parts

Honda S2000 to get 'official' upgrade kit in 2020

Honda has thrilled some of its most loyal followers with the S2000, but now it's announcing new accessories for the company's cult car. To celebrate 20 years since its debut, Honda’s will offer a range of new bits for the S2000, set to be revealed at the Tokyo auto show in January 2020.

All these new S2000 parts are official Honda specification upgrades and won’t affect the value of running cars – which are amongst the most revered of all Japanese sportscars, especially in South Africa.

Tallying the S2000 upgrade accessories are styling, suspension and infotainment bits. The roadster’s exterior is enhanced by a revised front bumper, whilst inside there is a better audio system, which should include contemporary device synching and streaming media features.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Honda’s S2000 upgrade kit, is the mention of a suspension modification. Although Honda is being coy about exact detail of the suspension improvements, which will only be officially detailed at the show car’s debut in a month, it should make the S2000 even more agile. With the automotive industry obsessing about autonomous driving and electrified drivetrains, why is Honda bothering to release an upgrade kit for a car which ceased production in 2009? The answer is that heritage helps a brand.

The S2000’s cult following is not incidental. It remains a revered technical achievement, with credible driving dynamics, even a decade after its ‘official’ retirement. Designed and engineered with the goal of highly responsive driving dynamics, the S2000 was light and offered incredibly linear mechanical interfaces. Its six-speed manual gearbox is still considered to be the finest of any type fitted to a road car and the 2-litre naturally-aspirated engine could out-rev most Ferraris.

Throughout its production timeline (1999-2009) the S2000 was never truly equalled. What could perhaps be considered a sign of respect from its rivals, is that no German automotive company ever attempted to produce a direct challenger, in terms of concept and specification, to the S2000.

For Honda there is a vested interest to keep its fleet of S2000s running in peak condition. By supplying owners with some contemporary component upgrades, Honda ensures that the S2000 remains a useable daily driver. And the more owners are wiling to spend time in them, the better their real world marketing value becomes. Hence the new suspension and infotainment upgrades, which should make the S2000 more comfortable and convenient to live with.

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