Harley Davidson SuperLow Revealed

Harley Davidson Superlow

The Harley-Davidson SuperLow has been added to the lineup and it's a bike they are calling "Pure riding fun!". The Harley Davidson SuperLow seems to be aimed at simple riding enjoyment, without too much fuss and excess.

Comfort and Style define the Harley Davidson SuperLow

One of the main features emphasized with the SuperLow is ride-comfort. The solo seat is bucket-shaped and has soft fillers for support. The handlebars have been designed and shaped with a wide-flat bend for a natural feeling and the shocks offer 2.5 inches of wheel travel to further increase ride confort.

The steering-response is another feature Harley have looked at with the SuperLow. The front and back wheels are fitted with Michelin Scorcher 11 radial tires which have been designed to improve the handling on the Harley Davidson SuperLow. The tire and wheel design has reduced the mass of the bike and with the steering geometry implemented for the SuperLow, steering effort required has been reduced.

Some of the key features of the Harley Davidson SuperLow include:

Air-cooled evolution 883cc V-Twin engine

Black Split 5-Spoke with Machine rimmed wheels

39mm Showa fork with 4.1 inches travel

Mid-mount foot controls

This release is for the states and as always keep a look out for the local release.