Golf 8 Tuners get ahead of GTI demand

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A German tuning company has gone to town on the new Golf 8 to make it look wilder.

Only a few months into the new Golf 8’s life and German tuning company Ingo Noak Tuning Factory has begun sales of an aftermarket body kit. The body kit turns the standard Golf 8 into a proper street thug with front spoiler lip, side skirts rear diffuser and extra rear fins if you wish to add them.

The kit is purely a cosmetic upgrade so power outputs are identical to the standard Golf 8. The kit is also only available for the standard Golf. There is no mention of it, but the Ingo Noak Golf does look like its been significantly dropped and specced with a selection of aftermarket rims.

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It’s not a subtle look, but gives an indication of how aggressive the new Golf could look when we see further iterations down the road - think Clubsport and R. For those looking for something a little understated, VW has just launched a Life spec model in Europe which is considered the most entry-level Golf you can buy.

The Golf 8 is officially due in SA at the end of this year, but that date may be moved further back considering the logistical effect of Covid19. The local Golf 8 launch will also see the introduction of the GTI model as VW South Africa has chosen to launch the 2 variants together for maximum impact.

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