We go live on CliffCentral

Cliffcentral Main Image

In an exciting new development, our car video guy Ciro De Siena will be hosting his own show on Gareth Cliff’s new station, CliffCentral.com

The show will air from 9am to 10am Thursday (15th May), and we’ll let you know everything you need to know to tune in.

Ciro will also be joining Gareth and the team on his daily Gareth Cliff show, at around 8:30am, which will be broadcast live on Comedy Central, channel 122 on DSTV.

Ciro’s New Show

A good hour of entertainment with a solid car theme, Ciro will be dishing out car buying advice live to callers, tweeters and WeChatters.

Every week, Ciro will be chatting to a relatively well-known South African about their car history, what cars they love and what they want to buy. Jack Parow is this weeks guest and he joins us live on the phone from Cape Town, just before he jets off to Holland for his European summer tour.

We’ll also review the BMW 435i – a fantastic new addition to the BMW line up.

Connect with Ciro on twitter live tomorrow between 9 and 10am, and be sure to download WeChat from your smartphone’s app store.

How to listen

1. Go to CliffCentral.com on your web browser. The stream will start immediately. If you’re on uncapped wireless at home or work, you can listen freely

2. Go to WeChat on your phone, no matter where you are. On WeChat, go to ADD CONTACTS. Then go to OFFICIAL ACCOUNTS. Type in CliffCentral and add us. Now we’ll appear as a contact. On the message screen you’ll see LISTEN. Press that, and you’ll hear us. If you’re on Edge, 3G, 4G or LTE you’ll pay normal data costs. If you’re on a wireless connection, no extra cost. We’re working on ways to get those data costs down.

3. Watch COMEDY CENTRAL Channel 122 on DSTV between 7h35 and 9h00 every weekday morning. The show is broadcast live on TV.

4. Download the podcast of whatever show you want to hear by going to CliffCentral.com. Every show should be available an hour after it has gone out live. Go to PODCASTS. Downloading the show won’t take long and then you can listen whenever, wherever you are for free.

5. Listen live on DSTV.com and check out your favourite TV shows at the same time.

Remember if you have a smart phone you can connect it to most modern cars which will put the stream on your car radio. On very smart phones you can also use Bluetooth.