GLB 45 AMG leaked in sketches

2021 Mercedes AMG GLB 45 2

Seven seats and lots of power. Is it necessary? You bet... 

Although camouflage has kept the new GLB 45 AMG disguised during its final validation testing, we now have a better idea of the styling upgrades this new crossover will offer.

The GLB is an interesting compact performance vehicle from AMG. Unlike most of Mercedes-Benz’s large SUVs, the GLB rides on a smaller platform, yet retains the ability to seat seven occupants. In its segment, this seven-seater configuration makes it rather unique. 

Patent registration drawings which have now been filed with US authorities, detail some of the exterior design changes between GLB 45 AMG and its slower siblings.

As one would expect, the 45-series GLB features many of the styling elements seen on AMG’s 35 version, which has already been launched. The brand’s Panamericana grille dominates GLB 45’s front aspect, framed by an oversized bumper section, with deep aero ducts.

Those large air intakes are entirely necessary, as AMG’s GLB 45 is powered by the world’s most potent 2-litre engine. AMG’s M139 engine boosts 310 kW and it requires a high-volume of cooling airflow, facilitated by the huge grille and bumper design, seen in these GLB 45  patent sketches.

The crossover’s rear section is dominated by a large functional diffuser, which should accelerate airflow under the GLB 45 AMG, reducing rear-axle lift at very high speeds. Home in on this diffuser a bit and there are quad exhaust ends, which has always been a mark of distinction on AMG’s most potent vehicles.

Perhaps the easiest way to tell the GLB 35 and 45 apart, is from the rear, where the more potent version has those iconic four exhaust ends, while the ’35 only features two exhaust outlets.

These patent drawings indicate that Mercedes-Benz is in an advanced stage of its global homologation process, for the new GLB 45 AMG. Official images of AMG’s potent new seven-seater performance car should start leaking soon.

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