Get ready Cape Town! SentiMETAL Gathering Gears Up

SentiMetal RBP 3381

The first Cape Town SentiMETAL Gathering for the year has been confirmed for Sunday, 15 March. Ladies and gentlemen, get your machines ready!

Following a massively successful Gathering in Johannesburg in February this year, it is now time for Capetonian petrolheads to get ready for the first SentiMETAL Gathering of the year.

"We're expecting a big turnout, particularly following the 200-odd cars that showed up for the last event of 2019," says Hannes Oosthuizen, SentiMETAL Project Manager. "We're also fortunate to have Killarney International Raceway as a venue, so we'll definitely have space."

SentiMETAL Gatherings allow petrolheads get up close to hero cars such as this Dodge Viper GTS, one of only 2 in South Africa.

The first Gathering of the year will see participants travel to Killarney International Raceway on Sunday, March 15th, and park their vehicles in front of the new Pit Complex and on the pit straight. "As ever, we want to be as inclusive as possible, but I would like to remind applicants that this event is aimed at classic cars - including modern classics - in original, unmodified condition."

Superb coffee is a hallmark of SentiMETAL events, so participants will be able to get a dose of caffeine (and some pastries) and take a stroll among some of the rarest, most beautiful cars in Cape Town. Professional photographers will capture stunning images on the day that will be shared with all participants.

One of the confirmed cars for Sunday is this beautiful Jaguar XK150.

Participants are welcome to start arriving at 9am and by 11:30am those interested in a drive somewhere scenic, for lunch, will depart. The lunch venue is TBC, but most likely towards Darling.

If you'd like to participate in the morning display, please complete this form . Guests and Media are also encouraged to complete the form as it would give the organisers a better idea of the numbers to expect.

Note that only cars that appear on the registration form will be allowed to park their vehicles in the display area. Guests are welcome, but will park behind the Pit Complex. 

"Some of the cars already confirmed for the 15th include a first-generation Chevrolet Corvette, a stunning Mercedes-Benz 190SL, the Jaguar E-Type that appeared in the first episode of the SentiMETAL video series and a number of Porsches, from all eras," says Oosthuizen. "There will also be a number of surprises..."

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