Fuel Prices Increase in SA: August 2020


Fuel prices are rising in August 2020. See the adjustments below…

The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy has released the fuel price adjustments which will take effect on Wednesday, 05 August 2020. 

The Rand strengthened against the US Dollar from R17.43 to R16.82 during the period under review while the average Brent Crude oil price increased from $40.01 per barrel to $43.49 per barrel. The price of finished petroleum products also increased. 

As a result, the fuel price adjustments for August 2020 are as follows: 

  • Petrol (93 and 95 octane) increases by 5 cents per litre 
  • Diesel (0.05% and 0.005%) increases by 45 cents per litre 
  • Paraffin (wholesale) increases by 39 cents per litre

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