Fuel Price Pain for July 2020


Brace yourselves as the fuel price is increasing for the month of July 2020. Here are the changes.

Update: Petrol will increase by R1.63 for unleaded 93 and R1.72 for unleaded 95 per litre. Diesel will increase by R1.69 (0.005%) and R1.73 (0.05%).

On the back of the price of international crude oil prices which have been increasing, sadly we have to report there will be substantial increases to the price petrol, diesel and illuminating paraffin. "The rebound in international oil prices has been as remarkable as their fall earlier in the year. The basic fuel price for petrol and diesel in South Africa jumped from around R3 a litre on 1 May to nearly R6 a litre by 25 June,” the AA says.

The AA is forecasting that petrol will be increasing by around R1.73 a litre, diesel by R1.74, and illuminating paraffin by a massive R2.14 when fuel prices are adjusted next week.

Despite our Rand strengthening, the increase was inevitable and that paraffin increase is particularly bad news. “This will be an especially huge blow to citizens who use paraffin for cooking, lighting, and especially heating during Winter," the Association notes. "We cannot overstate the effect that the Rand's collapse is currently having on fuel users: if the Rand had remained at its pre-COVID-19 levels, fuel users would likely be seeing a reduction in fuel prices in the order of 75 cents a litre next month," the AA says.

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