Fuel Price Changes October/November 2019

Petrol Price

A mixed bag of fuel price fluctuations is what the AA is predicting for November 2019, with some increasing and some decreasing. Here's what you can expect.

It's looking likely that 93 octane petrol will decrease by 5 cents, while 95 octane will increase by 10 cents. Diesel will also increase by 2 cents. 

"The Rand, which lost considerable ground against the US dollar in the second half of September, has stabilised around the R15.20 mark and has generally offset slight rises in international oil prices. In its turn, oil has retreated from the price spike arising from last month's Saudi oil refinery attacks, giving a more stable picture for the motorist," says the AA.

The AA claims that the oil price seems to be finding its way back to normal, but the Rand, as ever, is a bellwether of the current mix of poor economic conditions and reticence by investors. However, given the Rand's performance against the Dollar, the increases may be less by the end of the month.

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