Fuel Price Change For December 2019

Petrol Price

The petrol and diesel prices for December 2019 are scheduled for change. Here's what you need to know for the coming weeks.

The international prices of fuels have caused quite an anomaly. According to the Automobile Association of SA (AA), we're looking at a diesel decrease of 23 cents per litre, while petrol will increase by 11 cents per litre.

"The Rand / US dollar exchange rate has remained fairly flat throughout November, contributing around a six-cent drop per litre. However, the prices of refined petrol and diesel, which usually track each-other's movements, but with a fair gap between their prices, have showed an altogether different picture recently," says the AA.

However, due to the Regulatory Accounting System (RAS) Industry margin which is adjusted on the 1st Wednesday of every December, the amounts could vary, with some estimates putting the petrol price increase to be around 19 cents a litre, and a decrease to diesel of 18 cents a litre, but we'll clarify as soon as we have more info. On some good news though, is the fact that the Rand has been fairly stable over an extended period of time. 

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