Ford Focus TDCI breaks previous fuel efficiency run

Ford Focus Tdci

The Ford Focus TDCI Powershift set a new fuel economy run record driving for an impressive 1432km on a single tank of fuel. The run was done in the Philippines during the Coast2Coast Challenge. During the run the Ford Focus TDCI set a fuel economy of 25.9km/liter. The drivers noted how much of a drastic effect that traffic and air conditioning had on their fuel economy.

Ford Focus TDCI has super engine

The Ford Focus TDCI Powershift uses a Duratorq Turbo Direct Commonrail Injection (TDCI) engine as well as a 6 speed Powershift transmission. While the focus of the car is not necessarily speed, the Focus manages 0-100km/h in just 9.6 seconds. Powershift is a dual-clutch transmission that combines the ease of an automatic gearbox with the fuel efficiency of a many gearbox and enables smooth gear transitions.