Ford Figo shipment heading to South Africa

Ford Figo South Africa

The Ford Figo has been doing extremely well in India since it's release in March this year. Ford India's sales figures for June increased by 267% compared to the same month in 2009. This was largely due to the Ford Figo who's strong sales figures accounted for 24 000 vehicles sold since it's release.

Ford Figo in South Africa

With the global trend of people wanting cars that are smaller, with better fuel economy and reduced CO2 emission levels, it's no surprise that the response to the Ford Figo in India has been so strong. Ford India are shipping 1200 Figo models to South Africa in this shipment and are hoping to ship a total of 5000 Figo's to South Africa by the end of the year. Ford expects the initial batch of 1200 Figo models to reach their 123 dealerships across South Africa by the middle of July.

The Ford Figo comes in a 1.4 petrol and diesel version.