Ford Shows Everest Basecamp

Ford Everest BaseCamp Accessories Pack Australia Spec 2

Become your own base camp with this new Everest kit.

If you are one of those Ford Everest owners who like driving to remote parts of Lesotho or Botswana on vacation, there’s an upgrade which might be of interest.

Ford’s Australian division, which is very similar in marketing strategy and product to Ford South Africa, has released an accessories pack for Everest.

Cleverly named, this new accessory pack is called the ‘Basecamp’ and comprises some of those desirable adventure bits that you’d have to fit in your own time and inconvenience, at an aftermarket specialist.

Ford’s product people will now save adventurous Everest owners all the trouble of comparing price and specification and offer the kit they need, as a factory option. 

The most pronounced component within this Everest Basecamp kit is its snorkel. Very much the default aftermarket 4x4 adventure accessory, snorkels are crucial – and in a way that many misunderstand.

Although the snorkel does allow for better water crossing performance, it also has a vital air-filtration function. Drawing air from roofline height, instead of at the grille level, means that in a dusty convoy you are absorbing a bit less contaminated airflow. Air rushing at speed, even a meter higher than the at the grille entry point, is also a touch cooler, as the peak radiation point will always be closest to the road surface you are driving on.

Beyond the snorkel, there is also a Ford bonnet protector and a net 76 mm diameter nudge bar, framed by an LED light bar. Nudge bars might mess with your Everest’s aero a touch, but they serve as a valid bumper and radiator protector if you do have a low-speed collision off-road.

Atop the Basecamp Everest is a heavy-duty roof rack with Pioneer platform, to allow safe camping for two, far away from ground level. The Everest Basecamp accessories package is completed by a Sunseeker awning, to further enhance its camping appeal.

Australian market pricing for the Basecamp kit is an estimated R20 000. 

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