Ford showcases new reverse camera technology [Video]

2019 Ford Focus 180 Degree View Reversing Camera 3

Statistics have shown that reversing is one of the most stressful and hazardous parts of everyday motoring. Ford claims to have helped improve things by showing off a new reverse camera system, which claims to show drivers what's around the corner.

The new Ford Focus is expected to make landfall in South Africa towards the end of the year and some of the technology that debuts in this car is quite futuristic. In response to the theory that reversing is one of the most stressful and hazardous parts of driving, the Blue Oval has come up with a solution to make things easier. It's a reverse camera offers 180-degrees of vision and it's linked to the car's autonomous systems, which, if the driver fails to react, will automatically brake the car.

“We know that for nearly all our customers, reversing is a crucial part of their daily drive – and one that some of them really don’t enjoy”, said Ford’s chief program engineer for the Focus, Glen Goold. “This little camera is helping us to make a big step forward in making it easier to go backwards.”

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