Ford Ranger Gets Ford Performance Parts

Ford Ranger

Tuning bakkies seems to be the next craze, but there's a risk of losing warranties. Not to be outdone, Ford Performance has released a package for the Ranger.

Sadly, this is for the US-spec Ford Ranger EcoBoost, but with a bit of luck, Ford South Africa will get the hint that hotter bakkies are the real in-thing right now and release an SA-spec kit. Sadly, we don't even get this EcoBoost in our SA-built Ford Rangers, which is a shame as it would add additional appeal to the Ranger portfolio. Also, it would be an apt send off for this generation of Ranger, as the new model (co-developed with the new Volkswagen Amarok) is due for reveal in the next 2 years.

As for the performance kit, it comprises a power upgrade and improves the throttle response. There's also Ford Performance Pro Cal 4 calibration device and a high-flow air filter thrown in. The results are a 34 kW and 81 kW increase over the standard outputs of 201 kW and 420 Nm. The performance pack is claimed to be legal in 50 states and comes with a 3-year/36 000 mile warranty. What's interesting is once the upgrade is installed, you'll need to run the Ranger on premium grade fuel which is anything with octane in the 90s.

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