Ford Ranger Accessories for 2021

Ford Ranger Accessories 1

Ford South Africa has responded to customer requests and announces a range of Ranger accessories that are available across its dealership network.

There's been a huge uptick in bakkie customisation over the years and we've grown accustomed to see Ford Ranger owners fitting huge grilles on their vehicles. Trouble is, these can impair airflow into the engine and aren't built to OEM specifications, resulting in some complications around warranties. Ford realises it has a tremendous fanbase and knows the bakkie customisation market is taking off, so it has launched its own accessories range

Available through the Ford dealer network across South Africa, these accessories have been tested by Ford and are said to carry original equipment quality and workmanship guarantee. 

“Constant market evaluation and clear communication with our customers and dealers has given Ford SA the necessary agility required to enhance the Ford Ranger to meet the needs of our customers,” says Dale Reid, Product Marketing Manager at Ford South Africa. “We believe this is the right time to introduce these Ford-approved upgrades to the South African market and thereby provide an expansive and diverse product offering. It is also essential that we warn customers about the possible risks and dangers of fitting non-approved accessories to their vehicles. These can have a negative impact on the vehicle’s safety and performance, and could impact the vehicle’s warranty. Customers are urged to discuss the fitment of accessories with their Ford dealer beforehand,” Reid says.

Ford Ranger Accessories in SA

  • For the Ranger XL, XLS and XLT owners, you can finally buy a factory-approved Raptor style grille. It's been designed to not affect the car's performance and cooling and won't compromise your warranty. Installation takes 30 minutes at your nearest dealership.
  • Security is a big issue in South Africa and Ford has upgraded its manual roller shutter to a powered unit at no additional cost. This is exclusive to the Ranger Wildtrak and allows a customer to electronically open or close the protective shutter over the loadbox and provides a convenient method to securely stow cargo out of sight. The manual roller shutter will remain an alternative option. Above the roller shutter is a rail and accessory attachment slot for extra leisure gear like bike racks, kayaks and camping equipment. If your vehicle has the manual roller shutter, you can upgrade at no cost. Both the electric and manual roller shutter cost the same, so customers can choose.
  • For Ranger customers who have keyless access and functionality, Ford has introduced the Faraday pouch to prevent keyless car theft. In many instances, criminals have found a way to steal vehicles fitted with keyless start by using signal extenders which can be effective up to distances of 100 metres. The Faraday Pouch is able to prevent this type of criminal attack. With the vehicle’s key placed inside the Faraday Pouch, the layers of metallic lining prevent these external signals from having any effect on the key. It is recommended that the key be placed inside this slim and lightweight pouch as soon as you get out the vehicle and the doors are locked.


How much do Ford Ranger accessories cost?

The new Ford Ranger accessories are priced as follows: 

Ford Raptor-style grille           R4 312 including VAT, excludes labour

Ford Power Roller Shutter      R20 090 including VAT

Ford Faraday key pouch        R260 including VAT

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