Ford Ecosport Storm Concept

Ford Ecosport Storm

Ford has revealed three interesting concepts of the Ecosport compact SUV at the Sao Paulo motor show. The concepts have been built to show the customisation possibilities for the Ecosport’s future. The Storm concept is based off the F-150 Raptor bakkie whilst the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ concepts highlight the contrast between luxury and sporty models.

Ecosport Storm

The special paint colour is called ‘Blue Storm’, is supplemented by special graphics on the sides. The tyres are 15-inch 215/75 high profile off roaders, while the tactile plastic wheel arches reinforce the rugged nature of the Ecosport Storm.

Beauty and the Beast

The Beauty turns the Ecosport into a sophisticated and urban special edition. The main highlight is the special paint in matte metallic‘Copper Stardust’ colour, with graphics and contrasting details, black roof, fog lights in LED and 18-inch wheels with low profile tyres. The interior features four individual seats arranged in an armchair style, upholstered in leather and DVD screens in the headrests. The interior is finished off with a multimedia system with GPS.

The Beast version emphasizes the sportiness of the EcoSport, with pearlescent white bodywork called ‘Speed White’, contrasting details in blue and orange, three bar grille, fog lamps with four LEDs and 18-inch rims. There’s additional lighting LEDs in the roof for effect. The interior has a clear multimedia system with GPS. The rear seats have been replaced with bike racks.