Ford B-Max Headed to SA

B Max Front 1800x1800

The Ford B-Max will be launched in South Africa in the third quarter of 2015. The B-Max is a small, but practical MPV with rear sliding doors. It will also be offered with Ford’s potent 1-Litre Ecoboost engine.

The Ford B-Max sits on the Fiesta platform, but makes the most of the space to create a roomy MPV. There are no B-pillars so the feeling of space is enhanced and the rear seats can be folded flat in one movement.

B-Max to feature Ecoboost

Ford South Africa has not revealed all the details on what engines will be brought in and will only do so at the launch later this year. It has said that the 1.0-Litre Ecoboost engine will be amongst the range choices. Overseas markets also have a choice of a diesel and naturally aspirated 1.4-Litre.

The MPV market is seemingly a segment that manufacturers want to expose currently as the trend this year was started with the introduction of the BMW Active Tourer. Since then there’s been a new Merc B-Class and a VW Golf SV added to the mix. The B-Max plays in a segment slightly below that however and is more likely to fight alongside the likes of the Opel Meriva.