Ferrari California for Green Performance Motoring

Ferrari California

Ferrari at Geneva: a stand dedicated to innovation and the environment

Unveiled the Ferrari California with Stop & Start and the HY-KERS Hybrid vettura laboratorio

Geneva, 2 March – After the huge success enjoyed by the 458 Italia, a car that combines performance and sportiness with maximum efficiency to the extent that it boasts class-leading emissions and specific power output – 307 g/km of CO2 and 127hp/litre respectively – Ferrari is showcasing two major additions to its green credentials at the Geneva Motor Show. The first of these is the Stop & Start system sported by the Ferrari California, an industry first on a high-performance sports car, while the second is the HY-KERS, a “vettura laboratorio” (experimental vehicle) which reveals to the public for the first time the hybrid solutions being developed by Maranello’s engineers.

Ferrari California with reduced Fuel Consumption and CO2 Emissions

Introduced with effect from March for the Ferrari California, the Stop & Start System cuts both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 6 per cent in the ECE + EUDC combined cycle, emitting around just 280 g/km, an excellent value for a high performance naturally-aspirated sports car. The Stop & Start cuts in virtually instantaneously – just 230 milliseconds, a time so fast that the driver barely notices the engine restarting.

This solution is a further step in Ferrari’s on-going strategy to reduce fuel consumption and emissions by working 360 degrees on all aspects of the cars. For example the Ferrari California direct-injection V8 boasts very low levels of friction. Purge valves in the crankcase counteract the differences in pressure below the pistons which normally increase losses. Other solutions also reduce friction, such as the DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) treatment of the valve followers and the highly polished cam lobes, an innovation that has now been adopted across the range.