Ferrari 458 Italia conquers Los Angeles Times

Ferrari 458 Italia

Maranello, 15 February – The positive driving impressions by journalists testing the Ferrari 458 Italia continue. The latest is Pulitzer Prize winner Dan Neil, who writes about the Ferrari 458 Italia for the Los Angeles Times, describing the car, its innovations and aesthetic characteristics in the most positive words. The US-journalist especially appreciates the new steering wheels ergonomics with the main commands: “brilliant, completely intuitive and ergonomic and so much better than conventional stalks on the column I’m surprised no one thought of it sooner.”

Ferrari 458 Italia put through its paces

The adverse weather conditions during the test drive – Dan Neil tested the car in Maranello during some snowfall – enabled him to experience the Ferrari 458 Italia and its extraordinary grip and exceptional steering response.

Dan Neil concludes his article, saying: “I’ve almost never been as happy as when I returned the perfectly unwrinkled 458 Italia to Ferrari.”