Electric Turbocharging For Future AMG Models

Mercedes Details New Electric Turbo Tech 5

Mercedes-AMG has announced that next-generation AMG models will be equipped with electric exhaust gas turbocharging technology. 

In an effort to push the boundaries of performance and efficiency just that much further, the wizards over at Mercedes-AMG have been hard at work developing the electric exhaust gas turbocharger, which when deployed, will be the first of its kind to be found in a production AMG model. This technology has been developed with Garret Motion and is derived directly from Formula 1 and according to Mercedes-AMG it “resolves the conflicting goals between a small, fast-reacting turbocharger which achieves relatively low peak performance and a large turbocharger with a high peak performance but which on the other hand can suffer from turbo lag.”

Derived from F1, the new electric turbocharger is expected to eliminate turbo lag and improve response and overall performance. 

The turbocharger features a slim electric motor measuring only about 4 cm which is integrated on the charger shaft between the turbine wheel and the compressor wheel. The electric motor drives the compressor wheel before accepting the exhaust gas flow and improves the responsiveness from idle speed across the entire engine speed range, essentially eliminating the turbo lag which plagues a conventional turbocharger. 

Throttle response is therefore improved while higher torque outputs at lower engine speeds allow for improved acceleration from standstill. 

Interestingly, the electric turbocharger is able to maintain boost pressure even when the driver is not accelerating or while braking, which ensures continuous response. 

This electric turbocharging technology can achieve speeds of 170 000rpm and can be operated using a 48-volt on-board electrical system and is connected to the engine’s cooling circuit to maintain optimum temperature control.

"We have clearly defined our goals for an electrified future. In order to reach them, we are relying on discrete and highly innovative components as well as assemblies. With this move we are strategically supplementing our modular technology and tailoring it to our performance requirements. In a first step this includes the electrified turbocharger - an example of the transfer of Formula 1 technology to the road, something with which we will take turbocharged combustion engines to a previously unattainable level of agility", explains Tobias Moers, Chairman of the Board of Management of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

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