Driven: Lamborghini Huracan Spyder & Rear-Wheel-Drive Huracan 580-2 [Video]

The opportunity to drive a Lamborghini is an experience to savour... but when 2 are availed to you on the same day, the experience can literally overwhelm your senses. Nonetheless, we braced ourselves to test two variants of the Huracan to see how the Italian supercar fares in terms of an open-topped driving experience and sheer rear-wheel-driven madness  

Living in Cape Town has its drawbacks. Sure, it is lovely here. But in winter, the clouds roll in and the rain falls, sometimes relentlessly for days at a time.

And so when Lamborghini gave us a ring and asked if we’d like to drive the new Huracan Spyder, we started researching if anyone had ever invented a dance that encouraged the rain to go away.

Mercifully, the skies were a stunning blue when we showed up to the Lamborghini dealership to fetch this remarkable looking new supercar.

But we weren’t just here for the Spyder; the brand new rear-wheel-drive Huracan 580-2 come along for the ride – a car that will make you very glad indeed that the roads aren’t wet.

And so we’re hugely excited to present our side-by-side Lamborghini shootout.

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