Drag Race: Toyota Supra vs VW Golf R

An unlikely match-up? Maybe. But when you consider that the Golf R has all-wheel drive, versus rear-wheel drive in the Supra, and the Golf R's legendary launch prowess, a quarter-mile drag race seems like, at the very least, an entertaining idea.

We secured the latest examples of these 2 cars and lined them up on the Killarney drag strip for a good old-fashioned quarter-mile drag race head-to-head shootout.

A quick reminder of the stats at play here:

2020 Toyota Supra

Power: 250kW

Torque: 500Nm

0-100: 4.3 seconds

2019 VW Golf R

Power: 228kW

Torque: 400Nm

0-100: 4.6 seconds

This was going to be close...

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