Drag Race: BMW M4 Competition Pack vs Mercedes-AMG C63S

It's drag race time! In this instalment, Germany goes up against Germany, straight-6 against V8 muscle, and big power against low weight. It's the M4 Competition Pack vs the Mercedes-AMG C63S. 

Read our comparison between the BMW M4, Mercedes C63S and Audi RS5 here:

In the world, but specifically in this video, two German car makers battle to be the best German car maker to race in a straight line in the Western Cape of South Africa. Representing Bavaria, the BMW M4, which in this case is orange and features Competition Pack upgrades, brings a powerful straight-6 motor to the fight.

It’s rival, the Mercedes AMG C63 S Coupe, is the V8-powered sledgehammer to BMW’s more nimble, lighter M4.

With a huge power and torque advantage, the Mercedes, on paper at least, looks like it should have this one wrapped up. But in our experience, powerful Mercs struggle for grip off the line.

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