Drag Race: BMW M4 Competition Pack vs BMW M760Li

What if you like to drag race, but only like to do it from the back seat? We answer the question literally nobody was asking when we put the BMW M4 Competition pack up against the BMW M760Li xDrive.

 We agree, it's a bit out there in terms of like-for-like drag races but we had the 2 cars on the same day and a few spare moments at Killarney International Raceway, so why not?

The seriously powerful 448 kW 760Li has all-wheel-drive but weight in at 2.1 tons. Compare that to the M4, which only has 331 kW but weighs a measly 1 500 kg and the result is still a foregone conclusion. We knew the winner before we set off, but it was still a fun race to do.

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