Doing Silly Things in Rolls-Royces

Rolls-Royce global runs a fleet of press cars which are flown around the world for press and customer demonstrations. It's quite a sight; two Cullinans, a Phantom, a Dawn and a Black Badge Wraith coupe travel across the globe like a very comfortable, expensive circus.

Rolls-Royce South Africa decided to make the most of the opportunity and invited local media to the incredible Gerotek testing facility to experience these vehicles in some rather unique ways...

Ciro De Siena was lucky enough to take part on behalf of and in this video, you'll see him drive a Wraith on a wet skidpan with the traction control turned off, take a R10-million Cullinan SUV offroad and finally take a spin around Gerotek's high-speed oval in a convertible Dawn.

Lucky sod.

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