Digital Power Boost for Ford Focus ST


You can download more power for the MK4 Focus ST. Well, if you're lucky enough to get the ST in your country.

British Ford performance car specialist, Mountune, is offering a compelling power upgrade for Focus ST owners.

If you are fortunate enough to own the fourth-generation Focus ST and find its urgency of performance a touch lacking, then Mountune is here to help.

Having extensively mapped the 2.3-litre turbocharged engine, Mountune evaluated elements where control software could be optimised. The result is a tidy power and torque increase.

Marketed as the Mountune M330 update (denoting its output in horsepower, if you are wondering), this upgrade will boost 243 kW and 515 Nm from a 2020 model year Ford Focus ST. Those totals are a very respectable increase of 37 kW and 95 Nm over the standard factory tune.

Mountune has not only improved the Focus ST’s power output but also sharpened its ability to deliver lower-speed driving drama. As part of the M330 upgrade, there is are no-lift ignition timing and exhaust overrun features too (crackles and pops), which are sure to appeal to those customers who value the entire hot hatchback ownership experience.

Best of all, the Mountune M330 power surge is an entirely digital product. You are not required to deliver your Focus ST to a technical centre to have it done. Simply download the Mountune Smartphone App and install the M330 software to your car.


All the power and convenience, for only an estimated R12 000. Such a shame that Ford’s fourth-generation Focus ST is not available in South Africa.

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