Daihatsu Kopen Concept Shown In Tokyo

Daihatsu Kopen Concept 5

Playing within the “compete and shape a new future” theme of the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show, Daihatsu showcased their wide range of future vehicles at the show, which included the *kei-car roadster Kopen concept.

Bringing back excitement to the kei-car segment

Since production of the Daihatsu Copen was discontinued last year, the automaker says the sharp-looking Kopen concept serves as a preview for an all-new kei-class sized two-seater roadster destined for Japan.

The Kopen Concept comes in two styling options. The first being the RMZ version featuring unique “stylish and emotional” styling, while the XMZ model adds some chunky extensions to the body making it look ‘tough and aggressive’ and giving it an off-roader presence.

Both models measure 395mm in length, 1475mm in width and 1275mm height, and are fitted with a three-cylinder 660cc engine mated to a CVT featuring steering-wheel mounted paddles. They also ride on 17-inch alloy wheels wrapped around in 165/50 tyres and come with a folding metal roof.

In addition, the two-seater roadster features outer body panel designs made from resin that can be removed and replaced like a cover, offering drivers a new way of enjoying their car.

More than just a whimsical concept, the Kopen looks convincingly close to production with seatbelt mounting points and actual crash structures built into the doors. We wouldn’t be surprised if a production version of the Kopen would appear in Japan sometime next year.

The production model of the Kopen Concept can be expected sometime next year or in 2015.

*Kei-car is a Japanese category of small vehicles including passenger cars, vans, and pickup trucks.

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