Custom Ford GT sets 456kmh Guinness World Record

Ford Gt Record Mile

Performance Power Racing, based in West Palm Beach, USA, has re-set the Guinness World Record for the fastest Standing Mile for a road legal street car, in this case a custom Ford GT, by reaching a speed of 455.82km/h at NASA’s Shuttle Landing Facility Runway.

Breakthrough materials used for custom Ford GT

The custom BADD Ford GT produces 1 267kW and incorporates Pandalloy which is a high strength, high temperature tolerant Aerospace Aluminium Alloy that effectively reduces emissions, fuel consumption and the vehicle’s carbon footprint. ?Parts were specifically designed and manufactured out of Pandalloy Aluminium Alloys for the record-breaking custom Ford GT.

“Automotive Racing is the perfect channel to introduce some of the new technologies we are working on in to the mainstream market. The Pandalloy™ Aluminum Alloys Project through Performance Power Materials, Inc is very exciting. The multiple series of Aluminums are vastly outperforming what is on the market today and we are excited to see how far we can push the limits of performance, and more importantly efficiency to have a positive impact worldwide. We break records to prove that these systems and designs really do function and can be implemented on vehicles of all types.” said Johnny Bohmer, owner of Performance Power Racing. Bohmer and Lead Design Tech, Matt Lundy piloted the custom Ford GT to break the record.

“Our entire team has worked very hard to get here and we are proud to be able to put an American car in the record books as the fastest street car in the world. By NASA allowing us access to a one of a kind facility, we are given the opportunity to explore these technologies and share their benefits. An immense amount of research and development went in to this 3-year project and we are just scratching the surface of where these systems can be utilized outside of the racing arena.”