Citroen DS5 THP200 review

Citroen Ds5

Citroen is an eccentric car manufacturer and thanks to the relaunch of the revolutionary DS brand, has really elbowed its way into the modern markets. I take a look at the latest in the DS lineup – the jaw-dropping Citroen DS5.

Citroen DS5 THP200 review by David Taylor

French car meets modern funk?

The plucky French car company is better known for its hatchbacks and family people carriers, but since the relaunch of the DS range, the market is starting to regard Citroen as a fashionable and cool brand. Take the DS3 for instance, here’s a fun and funky runabout that makes the MINI Cooper look overrated.

Citroen's achingly-beautiful looks, both inside and out?

The Citroen DS5 is the flagship of the luxury and stylish DS range. Your eyes are not deceiving you. It does look that outrageously beautiful, and photos do not do this car justice whatsoever. It is a real head-turner and you can expect plenty of attention while on the roads. The best part has to be telling onlookers that the vehicle is a Citroen. The reactions are priceless…

The interior is as special as the outside. With a distinct aeroplane cockpit feel to it, the Citroen DS5 cabin is a work of art. It’s a little daunting at first as there are so many buttons dotted around the cabin but once you’ve spent time getting used to it, everything falls to hand nicely.

The Citroen DS5 THP200 Loaded with tech as standard?

Unlike the German trio, most of the gadgets and gizmos fitted are standard. This particular vehicle comes with satellite navigation, Bluetooth/USB connectivity, audio and cruise control buttons on the steering wheel, tyre pressure monitors, keyless operation, cornering headlights, head-up display, reverse camera, parking sensors, heated seats (driver’s seat has massage function), auto headlights with daytime LEDs, auto wipers and not one, two but THREE panoramic glass roofs. It is safe too, with airbags galore, ABS, stability control and hill start assist.

Surprisingly brisk on the road

What’s it like to drive, you ask? Well, with the same 1.6 turbocharged engine as the MINI Cooper S, DS3 and GTI models, the Citroen DS5 isn’t lazy. It has 147kW and 275Nm on tap, and can hit 100km/h in under 9 seconds. Despite having sporty credentials, the Citroen DS5 is actually a great cruising vehicle and is effortless when driving in town. The best part of the engine has to be the fuel economy. It may have big power but you will see around 8L/100km on the dash readout. If you want to save fuel and don’t want to change gear, there’s also a diesel automatic version.

Citroen DS5 THP200 - Conclusion

There are a few drawbacks of the Citroen DS5. While it may drive well, the ride isn’t perfect especially if the road is patchy and uneven. It’s quite firm thanks to the sporty suspension and low-profile tyres. Being a Citroen, there could be depreciation issues. On the other side of the coin, this means that pricing for this flamboyant Frenchman will be in your favour. If ever you’ve wanted something unique, luxurious, quick and stylish, the Citroen DS5 could just be the perfect car for you.

Citroen DS5 - Price

Citroen DS5 THP200 price as evaluated: R403,900
  • Why you should: Gorgeous inside and out, good engine, excellent specification, great boulevard cruiser, very different.
  • Why you shouldn’t: Ride and handling is too firm on poor roads. Depreciation risk.
  • It would be better if: Soften that suspension, fit thicker tyres (or avoid the optional 19-inch wheels) and you’ll have one of the most underrated cars on sale today.
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  • Competitors worth checking out: Mercedes-Benz B-Class, Audi A3 Sportback, BMW 1-Series