Citroen Cactus Concept Production Version Already Testing

Citroen Cactus Concept 1

It seems Citroen has already started testing the production version of the Citroen Cactus Concept which is due to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The concept presents a vision for the future of Citroen’s C-line, which features plastic body cladding, a rakish windscreen and LED headlights. There is also a sloping roofline, massive alloy wheels and unique 'Air Bump' bumpers covered with a soft skin featuring air capsules that protect the body of the car.

The open air cockpit comes equipped with cloth and leather seats as well as metallic accents, a digital instrument cluster, an infotainment system and a unique ventilation system. The concept is said to be powered by a new iteration of the Citroen's Hybrid Air system which includes a PureTech engine and which Citroen claims gives the Cactus fuel consumption of less than 3 litres/100 km. The system also doesn't require batteries, allowing for more interior space.

More details about the Citroen Cactus concept will be disclosed at the Frankfurt Motor Show which will open its doors at the beginning of next week.

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