Citroen AirCross Lunar Concept Makes Its Debut In Brazil

AirCross Lunar Concept Front

Citroen has lifted the covers off its AirCross Lunar concept at the Salon de Sao Paulo in Brazil.

The AirCross Lunar concept – illustrating Citroen creativity

The company didn’t reveal much about the car but based slightly on the C3, the AirCross Lunar concept features a rugged exterior with plastic body cladding like on the C4 Cactus which has been confirmed for South African release, side 'air bumps' and small alloy wheels with off-road tyres.

The model comes complete with tinted glass, light blue chevron accents and revised lighting units, as well as a rear-mounted luggage case in place of the spare wheel.

Speaking at the Sao Paulo show, Linda Jackson, Managing Director of Citroen, said: "Our stand Salon de Sao Paulo alone reflects what is at stake for us in Latin America: a priority area in the heart of our internationalization strategy. We make here the new positioning of Citroën meeting concrete and optimistic expectations of Brazilian clients today. The latest creations from our local centre Style or specific technologies that we present are perfect illustrations. "