Chrysler 300C V6 Review

Chrysler 300c V6

The essential gangster rap “large sedan”, is now available with a Fiat sourced V6 diesel engine. Economy-toting rappers unite, the Chrysler 300C V6 is here.

“This is Motor City. And this is what we do” Chrysler’s new marketing direction harkens to the glory and powerhouse that once was Detroit. With that comes the second generation 300 C.What is the essential gangster rap “large sedan”, it is now available with (what all Hip-Hop mega stars have been hoping for) a Fiat sourced V6 diesel engine, tested here.

 Chrysler 300C V6 review by John Beale

300C exterior styling

The new signature Chrysler grille and LED’s dominate the massive flat front end in what always looks like an un-badged Audi to me. Huge chunks of metal and strips of chrome (5m long, and just under 2m wide) cover the Chrysler 300C V6 and wrap around the very 60’s rear and huge 20inch rims. It’s not to everyone’s taste, and it is in your face, take notice and look-at-me chrome and oversized accents make it painfully American.


Driving the rear wheels is a Fiat sourced V6 diesel, that sadly, is mated to the old 5-speed automatic. I would have loved to see the 8-speed ZF that does justice in the SRT8, but alas. Pushing out 176kW and 550NM at 1800RPM the diesel returned just under 12l/100km (claimed 7.2l/100) in a mixed cycle and 0-100km/h in 7.8 seconds with a top speed of 230km/h. Turbo lag is evident pulling away but there’s massive shove just above 2200RPM. Refined and silent, the V6 does a good job once up at speed. The short gearing and heavy mass means you really do end up taking it easy instead of mashing the throttle, cruise rather than bruise.

Handling and Ride

Considering those 20inch polished rims and hunkered down firm suspension I was expecting the Chrysler 300C V6 to crash over every bump. None of that. The suspension is compliant without wafting with a solid feel and is incredibly well insulated. However, if you do push on, the weight really comes into play and you can feel it shifting fore and aft which can unsettle the ride a bit. It isn’t light on its feet and steering feel can be a bit too unnatural at times, but again, this is more about luxury than sportiness.

Interior and features

Huge improvements to the interior include one of the largest touch screens with U-Connect (Voice activated Bluetooth) and integrated Garmin navigation. The system is touch screen and easy to operate housing everything from seat heating and cooling functions to vehicle settings. Bright blue dials dominate the interior with a welcome updated centre screen for vehicle info.

Novel touch is the cup-holders that both heat and cool! The Safety Tech Package is available on the Luxury Series vehicles and this includes Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM), Forward Collision Warning (FCW) and Rear Cross Path Detection (RCP). The expected safety features of airbags, ABS and Electric Stability Control are all there. Reverse camera and front and rear Park Distance Control is standard, which really helps when parking the barge. The 800W sound system has excellent reproduction, but is not the top spec system in the 300C.

Although it is a luxurious interior with nappa leather wrapped (heated) steering wheel and comfortable electrically adjustable seating, there is still too many Mercedes E-class carry over bits in my view. Fake wood and plastic lids are also not up to the quality of the rest of the cabin or competition. That said it does still give the feeling of luxury.

Chrysler 300C V6 - Conclusion

It is a big burly cruiser, and a huge leap over the previous generation, but still far off from the German competition when it comes to quality and refinement and the amount of E-Class parts used in the Chrysler 300 C V6 isn’t a bad thing. At the price, it’s good value considering all the standard equipment on offer.

The looks certainly aren’t for everyone, but if it fills your pimp cup and you appreciate rollin’ instead of ballin’ and sheer presence, then this is the luxury sedan for you.

Chrysler 300C V6 - Price

Chrysler 300C V6 Turbodiesel – R539 990