Chevrolet Captiva Diesel 2.2D AWD LTZ Review

Chevrolet Captiva 2 1

Chevrolet’s attractive facelifted Captiva had one glaring omission in its range – a much-needed diesel version. Now with a 2.2 diesel motor, does it fill the gap?

Chevrolet Captiva diesel engine

It has taken awhile but Chevrolet has popped a diesel motor in its Captiva range. This engine, mated to a six-speed automatic gearbox, offers 135kW and 400Nm on tap. The all-wheel drive system works a treat in mud as the picture attests but if you want take it seriously off-road, be aware that the low profile sporty 19-inch tyres are at risk of punctures from sharp objects. The real strength of the Captiva is its interior and value-for-money. It’s rather refined, quiet and you really can’t hear any wind or engine noise. The diesel version only comes in top-of-the-range LTZ specification which means you’re getting quite a lot quality kit.

Chevrolet Captiva diesel interior features

Leather trim on the gear lever, steering wheel and seats is standard, as is a power adjustable driver’s seat. Great comfort features like climate control, automatic lights and windscreen wipers, cruise control, automatic anti-dazzle rear view mirror, audio/Bluetooth, rear park assist, sunroof, and roof rails are all standard too. Did I mention that the Captiva can also seat seven people? Or, fold the extra seats back down and you’ve got a massive boot.

Chevrolet Captiva diesel ride quality

It’s comfortable, spacious and an absolute pleasure to drive. It is one of the few vehicles that I’d actually buy purely for levels of comfort and never have traffic jams been so pleasurable. Sit back, turn the music up and relax. The gearbox, while not as responsive as some transmissions, works just fine when you’re cruising. Should you wish to go anywhere in a rush, knock the lever to manual override and treat it like a tiptronic unit.

Chevrolet Captiva diesel worrying economy

Look, the addition of the diesel engine in the Captiva is a wise business move by General Motors. The petrol engines are good but they’re a little on the thirsty side and the four pot units lack in-gear urge. My gripe is this particular motor. It drives okay but the first alarm bell went off in my head as I measured the fuel consumption. It was reading just over the 11L/100km mark and I hadn’t been pushing it at all plus it was in Economy mode. Yes, I’m prepared to waive this aside and put it down to the newness and mass of the vehicle, but then the second alarm bell starting ringing when I checked the specs. Chevrolet claims 8L/100km on a combined cycle. Hang on a minute…

Chevrolet Captiva diesel conclusion

While there are serious discrepancies in the claimed versus realistic fuel consumptionfigure, there’s no doubt the diesel version of the Captiva is the one to have. It’s almost R30,000 cheaper than the V6 petrol at R427,500 and previously I would have been recommending the all-wheel drive 2.4-litre as the best but this diesel makes far more sense.

Chevrolet Captiva diesel price in South Africa

The diesel-powered Chevrolet Captiva retails for R447 500

We like: ·         Looks brawny ·         All-wheel drive suits most scenarios ·         Diesel engine a welcome addition to the range ·         Good and comfortable ride

We don’t like: ·         Surprisingly thirsty ·         Low-profile tyres are the weakest link if you want to go seriously offroad Chevrolet Captival diesel 2.2D AWD LTZ specifications

Engine:                2.2-litre, four-cylinder, petrol Power:                 135 kW @ 3 800 rpm Torque:                400 N.m @ 2 00 rpm Transmission:      six-speed automatic Wheels:                19-inch 0-100 km/h:        10.1 seconds (claimed) Fuel economy:   8l/100km (claimed combined cycle)

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