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Xc90 Crop

Volvo XC90 Visits SA

Much has been made of the brand spanking new Volvo XC90. The entire first production was sold almost immediately through online sales and the car hasn’t even made it to dealerships yet. During the Volvo Ocean... Read More
Steed 6   Hanger 7

GWM Steed 6 and 5E Driven

GWM has probably done the best job of all the Chinese manufacturers with regards to integrating into SA. The brand has primarily focussed on workhorse bakkies that undercut the competition. The scheme has worked for... Read More
Datsun GO Side

Datsun GO (2014) Review

The recent launch of the budget A-segment Datsun GO marked the return of the Datsun brand to South Africa, which is all very exciting, but the GO has also raised many eyebrows. Much of the controversy stems from... Read More
IMG 1358

Jeep Cherokee (2014) Review

We like: Excellent specification Build quality Ride and handling Gadgets galore Can go offroad 9-speed gearbox works well We dislike: Radical styling Engine is quite thirsty The latest Jeep Cherokee is... Read More
P90162250 HighRes

Mini 5-Door (2014) Driven

After years and years of three door Minis, the brand has finally bitten the bullet and decided to wedge two more doors into its hatch. No it’s not a Countryman or a Clubman, it’s the original Mini hatch and it’s... Read More