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Jeep Cherokee (2014) Review

We like: Excellent specification Build quality Ride and handling Gadgets galore Can go offroad 9-speed gearbox works well We dislike: Radical styling Engine is quite thirsty The latest Jeep Cherokee is... Read More
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Mini 5-Door (2014) Driven

After years and years of three door Minis, the brand has finally bitten the bullet and decided to wedge two more doors into its hatch. No it’s not a Countryman or a Clubman, it’s the original Mini hatch and it’s... Read More
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2014 BMW 2-Series Video Review

As any driving instructor will be at pains to tell you, looking in the rearview mirror is important. Car companies like to do this too; although perhaps it’s to inspire a sense of nostalgia more than anything in... Read More