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Bmw Activehybrid 5 1

BMW ActiveHybrid 5 Review

From the general consensus, hybrid vehicles are frowned upon by petrolheads and car owners. I blame the Prius for this. While there’s nothing wrong with the technology, it started a stereotype that hybrids are... Read More
Orlando Front

Chevrolet Orlando 1.8 LT Review

Chevrolet is on a serious mission to make vehicles for all occasions and markets. In South Africa, they’re taking over from the segments where Opel was once active. The brand is trying damn hard to promote itself as... Read More
Toyota Yaris Front

Toyota Yaris 1.3 XS Review

After seeing the all-new Toyota Yaris at the 2011 Johannesburg Motor Show, I was rather excited at the prospect of getting behind the wheel. I can hear you saying, “But it’s just a Yaris”. Yes, but there’s... Read More