Fortuner 4x4 Challenge – Episode 2 [Video]

Introducing Episode Two of the Fortuner Challenger.

In last week's episode, our contestants faced a technical 4x4 challenge, which saw them experience the abilities of the new Toyota Fortuner on an off-road course.

In this week's episode, our contestants face 3 challenges: first, they'll have to brush up on their knowledge of the Fortuner for the Rapid Fire Quiz, then they'll sharp shoot in our soccer and rugby challenge, and lastly the versatility of the Fortuner will be tested in our Pack the Fortuner Challenge.

If you missed out on competing in the Fortuner 4x4 Challenge, you can still win a brand new Fortuner by backing your sporting hero in the finals. Click here to choose your hero and enter the competition:

Be sure to subscribe to our channel so you don't miss the third and final episode, where the fifth and final challenge will push our contestants to their physical limits.

In case you missed it, here is Part 1:

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