top 3 most searched for car brands (August 2009)


With thousands of searches being made for new and used cars on the portal, here are the top 3 most searched for car brands.


While car sales world wide have been hit by the recession, the worst is seeminly over as these top 3 brands have all shown strong figures and are recovering month to month. And sales in the local and used car markets are on the up from figures earlier in the year.

BMW notes that: "The decline in sales slowed for the fifth consecutive month" and that: "We are heading in the right direction – since April we have continually regained ground month-on-month" according to Ian Robertson, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, responsible for Sales and Marketing. - Source BMW group

VolksWagen's August stats have shown a similar trend, and South African car buyers have shown there has been no drop in popularity for VW's mainstays, as noted by Mike Glendinning, Director of Sales and Marketing at Volkswagen of South Africa: "the Polo range sold 1 621 units and Citi Golf 1 162, spearheading our market dominance”. - Source VW South Africa

Toyota rank as the most popular searched for vehicle make on the database. Entrenching themselves in the South African market, Toyota's wide range of cost effective and fuel efficient cars, have proven to be the most popular choice among South African's looking to buy new and used cars.