Car sales for February 2010 show increase


As noted in previous articles, the car industry is making an impressive recovery from last year’s recession. Car sales figures for almost all of the major brands are on the rise since late last year and things don’t seem to be slowing down.

Consumers are having an easier time spending and there is far less fear regarding the economy and the automobile market. This is great news for car dealerships who really had a hard time in 2009 with really low sales figures and little consumer interest.

February’s car sales figures continue the upward trend though, and many of the big manufacturers are noting impressive continued increases. The new and used car market seems to have made a complete recovery and the future looks bright, especially for these 3 major brands.

BMW Car sales increase 14.0 percent

The BMW Group once again improved sales volumes substantially in February of this year. A total of 91,758 BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce automobiles were delivered to customers (prev. yr. 80,474) – representing an increase of 14.0%. The figure for the year to the end of February was 173,911 units – 15.3% higher than the previous year (150,893). Source: BMW


Audi car sales maintains strong growth

Mar 8, 2010 - AUDI AG reports worldwide sales of around 75.900 automobiles in February. The sales tally for the month is thus 19.9 percent up on February 2009. For the first two months of the year combined, unit sales by the Ingolstadt-based brand showed a rise of 28.7 percent on the prior-year period. Source: Audi

Mercedes-Benz car sales up by 13 percent

In February, Mercedes-Benz was once again able to continue its momentum of the past months, with sales increasing by 13 percent to 72,100 vehicles (February 2009: 63,600). As a result, the total number of deliveries has risen by 18 percent since the beginning of the year. Source: Mercedes-Benz

The fact remains that these brands are so big it really takes something huge for their sales to drop. This did happen during 2009 but they have rebounded with force and are once again thriving in the new and used car market. Along with Volkswagen, these 4 German car makers are hugely popular in South Africa and as usual you can find a comprehensive list of their cars at