Get the best trade in value for your used car

How To Get The Best Trade In Value
When you trade in your used car, it's important to try get the best possible value for your used car. This article provides useful information that will help you get the best value when you trade in your used car. Consider the following before trading in your used car.


  • Knowing the value of your used car is important when you want to trade in your used car. Research the trade in value of your used car before trading-in your car. Search for similar makes and models on and compare them to your used car. This will give you an estimate value of what your car is worth. Remember, the trade in value is generally considerably less when compared to selling your car privately.
  • The TransUnion Auto Dealers Guide provides values for most makes and models and will help you get an idea of what your car is worth.
  • Getting an online vehicle evaluation in South Africa is made simple and easy with Simply click the 'Trade in' tab and follow the instructions.
*Tip: Negotiating with used car dealerships is easier when you have done your research and know what your used car is worth.


  • A used car that has been well maintained will fetch a higher price when you decide to trade in,
  • It's important to keep service records of all major services and any other maintenance done to the car. Present these records to the used car dealership you decide to deal with,
  • It may also be in your best interest to fix any problems before trading-in your used car as this could translate into a higher trade-in value.
*Tip: If your used car is well maintained, used car dealerships will have less reason to decrease the trade in value.


  • Before you trade in your used car, ensure that the car is cleaned thoroughly.
  • Wash the exterior and get rid of any stains or blemishes on the paintwork and if it's necessary, repair any scratches with a paint pen.
  • Apply a coat of wax onto the bodywork. Remove grease from the rims and apply tyre polish on all the tyres.
  • Vacuum the interior, including the boot and remove all your personal belongings from the car.
  • Take your used car to a valet service and have the upholstery cleaned. Apply air freshener and clean all the surfaces on the dashboard, including the gear lever and steering wheel.
*Tip: A clean, well maintained used car with a comprehensive service history is more likely to yield a higher trade in value when compared to an untidy, poorly serviced used car.

Shop Around

Take the time to shop around for the best possible trade in price. Make contact with as many used car dealerships as you possibly can and compare what they are prepared to offer for your used car. Shopping around for the best trade in price will increase your chances of getting a fair amount of money for your used car. Summary Finding the best trade in price for your used car may require some patience and perseverance but if you do your research and maintain your used car properly, you can expect to get a better trade in value when you decide to trade in your used car.