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Come See The McLaren P1 In SA

Last year the Daytona Group brought us the McLaren P1 which made an appearance for the first time in SA, and now the company has announced the supercar is on its way back to be driven on a South African track for the... Read More
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McLaren P1 GTR Debut

Slated as the ‘best driver’s car on track in the world’, the McLaren P1 GTR makes a bold claim. It does have quite large backing though as it builds on from the already mental McLaren P1 with more power and... Read More
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McLaren P1 GTR Confirmed (Update)

It’s been 20 years since McLaren took victory at Le Mans in the McLaren F1 GTR and now the brand intends to resurrect the iconic name for an even more special version of the McLaren P1. It'll be called the McLaren P1... Read More